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The most popular model of Mechadyne's HTW Series Film Roll Packaging Systems, the HTW-100 is also the lowest priced for a complete wrapping system.

With throughput rates up to 30 Rolls Per Hour, the operator only has to attach the film and press "start". The included PLC Control System handles the rest of the wrapping cycle, including film cutting! Adding to the many features found on the HTW-100, the wrapping cycle parameters are completely adjustable ...# of end wraps, edge overhang, # of layers and more...

Integrated in to a packaging system, or as a stand-alone roll packaging station, the HTW-100 is a perfect solution for semi-automatic applications, including pulp and paper, nonwovens, textiles, floor covering or converting. Available in Low Profile (LP) or Overhead (OH) styles, the HTW-100 can be installed above floor or in-floor, and configured to meet most product flow requirements.

Typical roll specifications for an HTW-100 Film Roll Packaging station are:
    ±  Roll Diameters from 10" up to 60" (smaller and larger in many cases)
    ±  Roll Widths from 12" up to 120" (longer in many cases)
    ±  Roll Weights from 100 lb. up to 6,000 lb.
    ±  Film Roll up to 30" Wide x 18" OD and 3 mil thickness

Note: The specifications above are not "limits". Other roll sizes, weights and capacities are always available.

HTW-100 Overhead HTW-100 Low Profile
HTW-100 Overhead HTW-100 Low Profile