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Flexibility is the key word when describing the HTW-200 Series. Whether a fully automatic or a semi-automatic Film Roll Packaging operation that best fits your application, Mechadyne's HTW-200 Series may be your very best value. If your current needs do not include a fully automatic packaging system, the semi-automatic HTW-200 is an economical consideration. When your needs call for full automation, simply retrofit the Auto Film Start (AFS) option to your existing HTW-200 and you have a packaging system that meets your increased demands.

The HTW-200 is an extraordinarily rugged and dependable machine, capable of wrapping rolls at a rate of up to 60 Rolls Per Hour. It can be installed in virtually any plant location and can be integrated into most existing roll handling systems. Available in either an Overhead (OH) or a Low Profile (LP) style, the HTW-200 can be installed above floor or "in-floor" and configured to meet your specific requirements for product flow.

Typical roll specification for an HTW-200 Film Roll Packaging stations are:
      Roll Diameters from 24" up to 84" (smaller and larger in many cases)
      Roll Widths from 12" up to 120" (longer in many cases)
      Roll Weights from 250 lb. up to 10,000 lb.
      Film Roll up to 40" Wide x 30" OD and 3 mil thickness

Note: The specifications above are not "limits". Other roll sizes, weights and capacities are always available.

HTW-200 Low Profile HTW-200 Overhead
HTW-200 Low Profile HTW-200 Overhead