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. . . The Roll Packaging Experts . . .

The racehorse…that's what you get when you choose the HTW-300 Series!
      Throughput rates of up to 90+ Rolls Per Hour
      Film Capabilities of up to 30" OD x 40" Wide
      Automatic Film Start, Cut, and Close
      Electronically controlled "Pre-stretch" & "Tension"
      Servo Motor controlled Turning Rollers & Film Dispensing
      "Touch" Screen Operator Controls
      Diagnostics Display
      And more…

Whether it's an Overhead or a Low Profile style, the HTW-300 Series can be installed above floor or in-floor and can be configured to meet your specific requirements for product flow.

To watch the HTW-300 Series wrap a roll is simply fascinating, not to mention that you don't want to "blink", or you could miss the race.

Typical specifications for an HTW-300 Film Roll Packaging station are:
      Roll Diameters from 24" to 84"
      Roll Widths from 12" to 120"
      Roll Weights from 250 lb. to 10,000 lb.
      Film Roll up to 40" Wide x 30" OD and 3 mil thickness

Note: The specifications above are not "limits". Other roll sizes, weights and capacities are always available.
HTW-300 Low Profile
HTW-300 Low Profile