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Engineered to provide a film package to totally enclose your roll, the AW-RA Axial Packaging System uses an Overhead Rotary Arm with full automation.

With production rates ranging from 15 to 60 rolls per hour, the AW-RA is flexible enough to be installed
      as a stand alone wrapping station,
      incorporated into an existing production line,
      or even placed in tandem with an HTW Series Radial Wrapper to provide an axial/radial package.

Standard features include a load seeking cut and clamp, adjustable pre-stretch film delivery system and electronic tension. The AW Packaging System can be configured either as a roll through or a side index system, allowing you to get the right equipment for your production configuration.

Typical specifications for the AW Packaging System are:
      Roll Diameters from 24" up to 60"
      Roll Widths from 12" up to 120" (longer in many cases)
      Roll Weights from 250 lb. up to 6,000 lb.
      Film Roll up to 40" Wide x 20" OD and 3 mil thickness

Choose the model based upon your throughput needs:
      100 Series - 15 Rolls/Hour
      200 Series - 30 Rolls/Hour
      300 Series - 60 Rolls/Hour

Axial Wrapper - Rotary Arm
Axial Wrapper - Rotary Arm